Donate Shoes

Did you know that countless people in your community and across the globe go barefoot everyday because they can’t afford to buy shoes? People who aren’t able to benefit from proper footwear are more prone to injury and disease. Growing children wear out shoes quickly and need new ones more often than some families can afford. Your new and gently worn shoe donations can really make a difference to someone in need.

Your work shoes can help someone dress the part in his new job. Your daughter’s soccer cleats from last season can enable a child who might not otherwise be able to join the local soccer team. Your running shoes can make a neighbor’s long commute on foot a lot more comfortable. Your work boots can help a worker make it though the long hours to feed his family. Even your sandals can provide much-needed relief to people in warmer climates.

Help someone walk a mile in your shoes

People of all ages can benefit from your shoe donations. Donating your new and gently worn shoes to Apostolic charity can help less fortunate children and adults stay warm and healthy — and keep moving!

What sizes and styles of shoes are needed?

It only takes a few minutes of your time, and it can make a world of difference to someone in need. Donate your new and used footwear today — and help someone in less fortunate conditions walk a mile in your shoes. Apostolic Charity at Steger accept shoes of all sizes and styles. Donate infant and toddler shoes. Donate children’s shoes. Donate men’s and women’s shoes. Donate running shoes. Donate all kinds of athletic shoes. Donate pumps, heels and dress shoes. Donate dance shoes, sports shoes and cleats. Donate sandals and flip flops. Donate slippers. Donate work boots, hiking boots and rain boots. We can even help you organize a shoe drive in your community so that you can gather piles of new and gently worn shoe donations for those in need.

Got other stuff to donate to charity?

Apostolic Charity welcome donations of all kinds — from shoes to clothes, from furniture to household items, from toys and computers, from sporting goods to cars. Nothing is too big or small, contact us or simply drop it off at our location 1311 E. STEGER ROAD, STEGER, ILLINOIS 60475 , U.S.A.

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